A Complete Guide to Aquamarine Engagement Rings

A Complete Guide to Aquamarine Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is not just any kind of ring you can slip on, but it is a unique piece that holds true meanings and will be worn all of your life. This ring holds true power and signifies love, affection, trust, and commitment. This is why it is important to think deeply about what kind of engagement ring you want and all the other aspects of it before making any splurge.

Aquamarine, the gemstone of beautiful and restful sea color, subtle hardness, and a history of elegance can be the perfect choice for your engagement ring. Its soft and soothing ocean blue color is a compliment to the beauty and serenity you feel within, but the gemstone’s hardness also makes it a worthy alternative to diamond. With Aquamarine, there is so much history and knowledge to uncover.

Aquamarine’s History & Mythology

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Aquamarine is a gemstone that traces its history to ancient times. The Roman philosopher Pliny described the beauty of the gem as having come from the treasures of mermaids. In some cultures, it was believed that anyone who wore it would enjoy good luck and could not be conquered. Across cultures in time, from the Sumerians to the Greeks, aquamarine remained a gemstone to be admired. Roman physicians used it in treating overeating and bloating while Roman fishermen called it the ‘water of the sea’.

Things To Look For In Your Aquamarine Centerstone

The need for a centerstone that stands out on your jewelry cannot be overstated. It has to be a gem that turns head and gets tongues wagging, therefore you want a stone of the highest quality. However, to get an engagement ring centerstone that truly aligns with your taste and preference, you have to be familiar with gemstone technicalities.


The color of aquamarine comes in many shades of blue and green, however, the most valuable color variety is a dark-blue to greenish-blue color that has a relatively strong intensity. There is also the African aquamarine, which is dark and intensely colored, a feature common to most gemstones mined in Africa.


Aquamarines are a type 1 gemstone, which means they are naturally eye-clean - with only a few inclusions displayed. However, most aquamarines of this variety are faceted aquamarines, while those with visible inclusions are typically cabochons. Aquamarine’s light color makes it easy to spot inclusions, so ensure you look out for those that have no eye-visible inclusions.


Emerald cut is typically used by cutters for customizing aquamarines. But you can also fashion your gemstone in whatever cut that you prefer. However, you should ensure that your aquamarine cut doesn’t take away from the stone’s depth of color.


The setting of your aquamarine engagement ring really completes your jewelry. Not only does it highlight the unique beauty of aquamarine, but it also helps to safely secure it in place. The most popular setting for aquamarine is the prong setting. This setting ensures the center stone of the piece is the focus. However, if you want a setting that offers more protection to the gem, then go for a bezel setting. The center stone sits encased in the metal of the ring with the bezel setting, which also makes the stone look bigger. Whatever your style is, you can easily choose an aquamarine engagement ring setting that is suited to it.


When it comes to metal, whatever choice you make depends on what best guarantees your comfort. You should avoid choosing a particular metal because that is what is trending. Instead, you should choose based on your type of skin. Some metal alloys have been known to react with specific skin types. Therefore, you must choose a metal that works best on your skin. Another thing to factor into your choice of metal is skin tone.


There are many different styles that aquamarine engagement rings come in that will never fail to capture the heart of your loved one. Whether it is a halo engagement ring or a three-stone engagement ring, you get many options. If an aquamarine engagement ring that is quite simple but still radiates beauty is what you want, then a solitaire ring is the perfect choice. But if you want a display of light from your aquamarine engagement ring, then you should go for a double-halo ring.

Tips For Buying a Solitaire Engagement

Buying an engagement ring is serious business and you don’t want to mess up here. This is why it is very important that you do a lot of research so that you can bring your imagination to life. Here Yvelove offer some tips to keep in mind.

Create A Budget

Yes, this goes without saying unless you want to push the boat on this and end up with something less than desired. Once you have a budget set, you can clearly identify your options and how best to approach your purchase. Remember, to always keep to the budget and not be tempted to shoot beyond it. However, only if the financing options are compelling should you try to exceed the budget.

Cleaning & Care

Aquamarine, like any gemstone needs to be well cared for or it would lose its beauty and luster. While the gem is quite tough, scoring 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness, you should ensure it is still cleaned from time to time. To do this, use a soft cloth and warm soapy water. This is a safe cleaning method you can rely on.

Buy from Reputable Jewelers

You should ensure that you only buy your aquamarine engagement ring from a reputed jeweler. You can never go wrong with these kinds of jewelers, especially as they can provide a designated gemstone certificate that authenticates and confirms that the gemstone is laboratory-certified.

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